New Build Construction, Extensions, Alterations and Repair Contracts in the Commercial & Housing Sectors

Winworth Construction Ltd was set up in February 2013 by Jason Winter, over the years we have been providing a high quality service to all of our clients, Winworth has grown steadily over the past years and can now offer a wide range of building services to our clients throughout the U.K.

Winworth are quickly providing a track record of success throughout many sectors of the building industry and are developing a reputation for supplying high quality, on time and within budget projects.

The company is a family run business that is supported by an experienced management team which is strongly linked to our skilled and driven workforce, investment in our training programme ensures continual development for all employees, all future progress is constantly supported by our own in house team.

Winworth have a duty of care to ensure all employees and the general public are protected at all times, we employ a Health and Safety Officer to ensure that no one is put at undue risk, the benefit of the employment of our Health and Safety officer ensures constant monitoring and assessments are undertaken and this in turn with our training programme has produced an excellent Health and Safety record on all projects.